Affirmation Candles, Room Sprays, Melts & Oils Simple Self-Care Rituals filled with Love & Intent. Designed to encourage Self Love & inspire Positivity. Hand-made with YOUR Wellbeing in mind. Manifest your way with the Power of our COSMIC INTENTIONS COLLECTION  

This Month's OFFER is all about 'Sharing the Love' this December!

This Months theme we are supporting others wellbeing and bringing some happiness & love to their doorsteps this Christmas

Our values are to


We are on a mission to give everyone's wellbeing a little boost with our EUDAI experience.

"Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light" - Albus Dumbledore

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We will gift 2x (35g) of our Cosmic Wax Melts to 2 friends or loved ones. Simply input your email address at checkout to receive 2x coupon codes for your friends to receive their free gift.

Let's HEAL, TALK & SELF-LOVE Together

Chantelle x

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EUDAI, short for the Ancient Greek word ‘eudaimonia’ {human flourishing, prosperity, and blessedness} is a self-care brand that was born out of the pursuit of healing. A mission-based company passionate about helping others use rituals to create a moment of calm, in life’s flow. Experiencing PTSD following recurrent pregnancy loss, Founder Chantelle Walmsley discovered that when focusing on the seed of self- love a deeper sense of purpose was awakened. EUDAI shares a commitment to creating a culture of love and deep gratitude the very essence that makes us who we are. Chantelle strives to create each piece with care & quality. Her journey and her ability to find within herself the resources to give, she has cultivated a crafted collection of wellness products. Filled with love & intent, handmade in Somerset, each self-care ritual is designed to encourage positivity, self-love and provide a tool for helping to shift your mindset.