The Girls Who Refused to Quit - Volume 3 Paperback Edition


The Girls Who Refused to Quit shares the powerful, real-life journeys of fifteen inspirational women. They have all overcome adversity and now want to make a difference with their stories. They want you to know that no matter what challenges you face, you can hold your head high, believe in yourself and follow your dreams. They have not only found the courage to rise from the depths of despair, they have also found the strength never to give up. They are The Girls Who Refused to Quit.


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Chantelle lives close to the city of Bath, England, with her hubby and little daughter, D. She has been described as a gentle, kind, and positive soul, a thought creative leader wanting to offer better solutions from a place of love, trust and worth.

 Chantelle will admit she is a tea addict, and says there is something so very satisfying about popping the kettle on and making a cuppa – it’s like a big hug for your soul! Chantelle is extremely passionate about the environment and it’s her mission to contribute to a greener future. Founder and owner of Tiny Leaf Organics, her life purpose is to encourage others to nurture an ethical and organic family lifestyle, nurturing a socially responsible and sustainable brand that promises to deliver a more positive impact for our world.


"This beautiful collection of stories from strong women will make you cry yet feel inspired by each individual story of hardship, resilience and strength. I have resonated with so many of the stories especially the ones of mothers over coming post natal depression and coming out the other side. Each story is wonderfully written with a little note to the authors younger selves which are very inspiring to read, these are the notes I would love to share with my daughter"  - Cara F


"I could not put the book down once I had picked it up. It is full of amazing, inspiring stories of strong women, that are guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye in places. It certainly puts the daily struggles we all endure into perspective, when you read some of the things these role models have overcome. All I can say is I finished the book and just thought “wow” - Starbuck, J